Mountbellew Village
Description:A photograph of a square in the Galway town of Mountbellew. There are several cars and two trucks in the square. There is an arch or bow behind one truck, and the place name Birr is written on its side. There is a man standing in the trailer of the second truck. There are wooden barrels in the trailer and on the ground nearby. The truck is in front of a building, and there is a man leaning out a window of this building, with his back to the truck. On the left of the picture, the name 'Blackall' is over a shop front. On the right of this, there is a shop with the word "Noone's" over its door. Right of this, the name 'P. Kenny' can be seen over a shop front. There is a donkey and cart in front of this building. Further right, there is a public house with the words 'Central Bar' over its door. The sentence, 'Stop here for best drinks' is written on a wall above the building's second door. In the picture, there are a few bicycles leaning against buildings. There are electricity poles in the photograph, and there is a street light attached to at least one of them. The tops of trees can be seen just behind the roofs of the buildings.