Abbey Bridge in Athenry
Description:A photograph of Abbey Bridge in Athenry. Athenry is in Galway county. The bridge has at least two arches. There are men, women, and children on the bridge. Some of these people are sitting on a wall of the bridge. All are looking towards the camera. The men and boys are wearing caps. There is a woman on the left bank of the river. She is wearing an apron. On the right bank, there is a young girl with a dog. Also on the right bank, there is a cart and a bucket. There is a wooden barrel in the river. On the right, there is a house, and the ruin of an abbey. There is a sign like a street name on the side of this house. The sign is very difficult to decipher but, may read "Abbey Road". Beyond the bridge, there is a second house and some trees. There is a man wearing a bowler hat outside this house.