A street in Oughterard
Description:A photograph of a street in the town of Oughterard. There is a long car and two traps parked on the left, in front of a shed with a thatched roof. A trap is a type of carriage. There is a church beyond this shed. There is a cart or carriage being pulled by two horses. It has its back to the camera and is piled high with luggage. There are several pedestrians in the picture. There is a man and a woman walking towards the camera on the left. Both are wearing hats. The woman has a long coat or long dress. On the right, there is a group of people standing outside the door of a building. Most if not all are men, and all are wearing hats. There is a large, ornate lamp over the door of this building, and there are railings in front of it, and in front of the building beside it. There is a fanlight window over the door of this latter building. There are electricity poles on the right hand side of the street, and there is a wall on its left hand side. There is a young tree growing behind this wall, and there is a second, more mature, tree visible further down the street.