Oughterard Hotel
Description:A photograph of a coach hitched to three horses outside a hotel in Oughterard, county Galway. There is a man standing in front of the horses holding the foremost horse. There is a small white dog sitting nearby. There are two men sitting up front, on the coach. One is holding the reins. There are men and women on the coach. All are wearing hats. There is, also, one child on the coach and she is wearing a bonnet. There is a man standing beside her and he is wearing a suit. One of the men on the coach has a bandage which goes under his jaw and around the top of his hat. There is luggage on the coach. Behind the coach, there is a building with the name 'John Roe' over its door. Near this, there is a sign which reads 'Galway Clifden Car Office'. Under this sign, there is a window. The large sign in the window contains the word "America". Further down, the phrase "Allan' Line" appears. Below this, the line "Galway to Boston U.S." can be seen. A member of the Royal Irish Constabulary, a man, and a boy are standing outside this window. The building next to this has a fanlight window over its door and railings in front of it. There is meshed wire on the railings and ivy on its wall. Its door has a brass knocker., This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland, Connemara, Doors and Doorways, Adults, Men, Women, Children, Police, Royal Irish Constabulary, Streets, Carriages and Coaches, Dogs, Horses, Railings, Fanlights, Buildings, Hotels, Luggage, Windows, , )
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