Eyre Square in Galway
Description:A photograph of the park in the middle of Eyre Square (in Galway city). There are trees and shrubs growing in the park, and there are walkways through it. There are seats on these walkways, and there are women sitting on these seats. Some of these women are wearing hats. Some of the green areas, in the park, are surrounded by fences, and there is at least one rubbish basket attached to one such fence. There are railings around the park. On the left, there is an old doorway, known as Browne's Doorway which serves as an entrance to the park. The doorway was originally the entrance to the Browne family home on Lower Abbeygate Street. The doorway was moved, in 1905, to Eyre Square. There is a bay window over the door. There is a cannon in the foreground, that was captured during the Crimean war.