Interior of house in Knock, County Galway
Photographer:Welch, R.
Description:A photograph of the interior of a house in Knock, County Galway. The house belonged to Phelim Rush. There are two pictures on the wall. The picture on the left is displaying the words "God Bless Our Home". The picture on the right is displaying the words "Jacob & Co. 'Water' Biscuits". There is a dresser full of crockery. There is a box on this dresser with the words "Reckitt's Blue" written on its side. This product was used to wash clothes. There is a large box on the right of the dresser with the words "Deas McGung" written on it. There is a large container sitting on this box. There are a number of chairs and one stool in the room. There are, also, two wooden foot rests. There is a fireplace and there is a kettle suspended over it. There is a tongs on the right hand side of the fireplace.