Castlegar House
Photographer:Neale, J. P.
Description:A drawing by J. P. Neale of Castlegar House in county Galway. It is a large house with steps up to the entrance. There are pillars at each side of the door. There is a woman wearing a cloak and bonnet walking in the avenue. There is a dog sitting in front of her. There are trees in the picture and there is a wooden fence close to the house. Below the left corner of the drawing, the words "Drawn by J. P. Neale" can be seen. Below the right corner, the words "Engraved by R. Acon". Below the centre of the photograph the words "Castlegar, Galway, Ireland.". Below this in small writing, the following is written "London Pub. June 1, 1820 by J. P. Neale 16 Bennet St. Blackfriars Road & Sherwood, Neely & Jones, Paternoster Row.".
Subject headings: Buildings -Houses -Mansions -Adults -Women -Dogs -Trees -Fences