Athenry Cross
Collection:Father Browne
Description:A photograph of the market cross in Athenry which was erected in the fifteenth century. It is unusual in that it is a 'lantern' type structure (more common in the UK) rather than the more common 'Celtic Cross'. It is a small four-stepped pyramid with a face on one side showing St. John and the Virgin Mary standing either side of Christ on the cross. The rest of the upper section is carved with, among other things, a stag, a winged quadruped fighting and other dog-like animals, an angel holding a long scroll, and two opposed jani (mythological quadrupeds with single horns which they could swivel around) with interlocked necks. Behind the cross, there is a church with a bell tower. There is a wall and metal gate enclosing the grounds of the church. There is an arch over the gate. On the right, there is a bank which is a branch of Ulster Bank. There are railings in front of this bank. There are a few trees in the picture. The photograph was taken in 1942.