Salthill in Galway
Description:A photograph of the street in Salthill in Galway city. Salthill is a seaside resort on the north side of Galway Bay. There are electricity poles on each side of the street, and there is a street light attached to one of these poles. There is a footpath on the left, and there is a wall along part of this footpath. There is a bus stop on the path, and there is a woman standing at this stop. A man, a woman and two boys are also waiting at the stop. They are standing near the wall. A building on the left, is displaying the words "Atlantic Bar" over its door. The words "Grand Hotel" are on the gable wall of another building. There are men, women and children walking on this footpath. There is a group of three women and one nun walking on the right-hand side of the street. Further up the street and on the right, there is a man sitting on a wall. He has a bicycle with him. There are several cars in the picture, including a Volkswagen Beetle. The registration number of a car on the right is 'IE 5774'.