William Street in Galway
Description:A photograph of William Street in Galway. There are two cars on the street. One car has a registration number of 'IM 2595'
Copyright:and the other has a registration number of 'IM 1766'. There is a man cycling a bicycle away from the camera. There are several pedestrians in the picture. Many of the men and women are wearing hats. There are three boys on the right who are wearing short trousers, shirts, and ties. The name 'Ward' appears over a door on the left. Next door, the name "Hill's" can be seen. There is an ornate lamp on the wall of this building. The word 'Buildings' can be seen on the wall of another building. On the right, there is a building with sand shovels for sale. The shovels are hanging up outside the shop. Further up there is a building with a clock on its wall. The phrase "Claddagh Rings" is written on the wall near the clock. The name 'Dil[lon]' is written on a sign protruding from the side of this building.