Description:A postcard featuring four scenes from the Connemara Gaeltacht. Connemara is a part of Galway county which lies between Lough Corrib and the Atlantic, and the Gaeltacht is a region where Gaeilge is the dominant language. The top left photograph is of Cárna. There are two thatched houses in the foreground, and there is a two-storey house in the distance. Beyond this house, there is an inlet of the sea. The surrounding terrain is very rocky. The top right photograph is of the holiday home of Patrick Pearse. It is a small, thatched cottage beside the sea and is located in Ros Muc. There is a bush with red flowers growing near the house. The bottom left photograph is of Carraroe. In the picture, there are small fields separated by stone walls. There are bushes growing in the fields. There are houses in the picture, including a small thatched cottage. There are mountains in the distance. The bottom right photograph is of the beach in An Spidéal. There are several people on the beach, and there are cars parked close to the beach.