Nimmo's Pier
Description:A photograph of Nimmo's Pier in Galway. The pier is named after Alexander Nimmo, a Scottish Engineer who spent most of his working life in Galway. From 1821 until shortly before his death in 1832, he was responsible for the building of government funded roads and piers throughout Galway and many other parts of the west of Ireland. In the picture, there is a man and child walking towards the camera. The man is wearing a cap, and he is holding the child's hand. Behind them, there is a woman walking a dog. At the end of the pier, there are two cars, one of which is a Volkswagen Beetle. There is a wall on the right hand side of the pier, and there are electricity poles on the pier, beside the wall. There are two boys sitting on the grass at the left of the pier. There are three rowboats docked near them. There is a Galway Hooker (a type of sailboat) and another sailboat on the river, and there are swans and seagulls near these boats.