Eyre Square
Description:A photograph of Eyre Square in Galway. There are a large number of cars in the square, and in many cases, it is possible to read the number plates of these cars. There are a few vans. The words "Garavan's Galway are written on the side of one van, and the words "Corbett & Sons Ltd." are written on the side of another. There is a crowd of people standing behind another car. Some of the people in this crowd are holding bicycles. There are railings around the green that is in the middle of the square, and the entrance to this green is the Browne Doorway. This was the doorway to the Browne family house. There is a window above this doorway. There is an electricity pole near the doorway, and the Railway Hotel can be seen on the far side of the square. There are trees growing on the green. There is a bicycle leaning against the railings. Houses on the left hand side of the square are visible. At the corner, there is a shop with the name "Thomas Walsh" over its door. There is an electricity pole in front of this shop on the other side of the street.