Leenane Hotel
Description:A photograph of Leenane Hotel in Connemara, county Galway. This is a large hotel with a large balcony. There is a coach in front of the building. The words "Commercial Cars Luton" appear in small writing just below its windscreen. Its number plate begins with "IM". There are a number of men and at least one woman on board the coach. The woman is wearing a hat. There is luggage on the roof of the vehicle. There are two men standing in front of the vehicle in conversation. Both are wearing peaked caps. There is a lot of luggage on the ground in front of the hotel. There are people sitting out in front of the hotel. One man is smoking a pipe. Behind the coach, there is a horse and trap. A trap is a type of carriage. Below this there are two traps parked on the side of the road. These traps are not hitched to a horse. Also, behind the coach there are a number of small groups of men in conversation. These men are wearing caps and hats. There is a man walking away from the scene. There are trees in the photograph.
Copyright:This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland