Description:A photograph of Salthill in Galway. There is a promenade along a beach. In the foreground, there is a woman and a child on the beach. There is a pram nearby. On the promenade, there is a man walking past a seat. He is wearing a cap. There is a woman walking away from the camera past another seat, and there are people sitting on this seat. There are street lights along the length of the prom. There is a street light and a number of electriciy poles on the right hand side of the street. On the right, also, there is a building with an awning. The words "Rock[land Hotel]" can be seen on the wall of this building, and a word which looks like "Curley's" can be seen on the awning. There are several cars parked on the street paralled to the prom. There are two people cycling bycycles in opposite directions. There are a few houses and trees on the right hand side of this street.