Knife sharpener on Mainguard Street
Collection:Father Browne
Description:A photograph of a knife sharpener on Mainguard Street in Galway city. The man is using a machine with a large, rotating wheel to sharpen knives. The wheel is rotated by the use of a foot pedal. There are two children watching the man at work. There is a horse and cart at the opposite side of the street. Near the cart, there is a public house, and the name over the door is 'Joseph Ridge'. Left of this, there is a shop. It is not possible to read the name over the door, but it begins with 'Joseph'. It has an advertisement for 'Gold Flake' (a brand of cigarette) near its entrance. There are a few men and women on the street. There is a street light at the top of the street. The photograph was taken in 1942.