Clifden church and courthouse
Description:A photograph of the Roman Catholic church in the Galway town of Clifden. This church has a high steeple. The courthouse is on the right. There are large trees between the church and the courthouse. There is a wall and railings in front of the courthouse, and there are metal gates leading into its grounds. There is a man walking out through these gates. He is wearing a cap. There is a road sign in front of the courthouse for the towns of Leenane and Westport. Across the road from the courthouse, there is a footpath and a wall. There is a man sitting on the footpath. He is wearing a hat. On the left hand side of the photograph, there is a garage. It has an advertisement for Mobiloil (a brand of oil) and for Good Year tyres. There is a low wall in front of this garage. There are several trees and two electricity poles in the picture. There is a street light attached to one pole.