Athenry Gate
Description:A photograph of a stone arch or gate which formed part of the wall surrounding the town of Athenry. Athenry is in Galway county. There are electriciy cables attached to the arch and there are signs on each side of the arch which read 'Danger Drive Slowly'. On the right hand side of the arch, there is a shop with the name 'P. J. Duffy' over its door. On the gable end of this shop there is an advertisement for 'Gold Flake'. On the front, there is an advertisment for 'Afton' and a third advertisement for "Player's Please". There are two advertisements for 'Lucan Cream Ices'. There are buckets and brooms outside the shop. These items are for sale. There are two bicycles leaning against the outside wall of the shop. Further down the street, still on the right, there is another advertisement for 'Gold Flake'
Copyright:an electricity pole and a bicycle. There is a sign with the word 'Teas' over one shop door. On the opposite side of the street, there is an electricity pole and a shop with the name 'P. Doherty' over its door. There are advertisements for "St. Bruno Flake" and "Player's Please" outside this shop. These were cigarette brands. There are a number of buildings with large doors, in the picture. A church spire can be seen in the background.