Market day in Eyre Square
Description:A photograph of a cattle market in Eyre Square, Galway. There are many cattle in the square, and many men. Most of the men are wearing hats and a large proportion of them are carrying sticks. There are a few women and children in the picture. The women are wearing shawls. There is a horse pulling a cart loaded with sacks which are full. There is a long cart, and there is machinery on this cart. There are railings around the green in Eyre Square. There are trees growing in this green, and there are foothpaths around the edge of it just inside the railing. One cannon is visible inside the railing. The statue of Lord Dunkellin is barely visible behind a tree. There are street lights on the square. The words "Thomas Walsh Grocer" appears over one building. The bell tower of a church can be seen just behind this building. On the right of this grocery, there is a hotel with the words "O'Brien's Hotel" over its door.