Grattan Road in Galway
Description:A photograph of Grattan Road in Galway. This is the start of the Salthill Promenade. There is a man walking along the promenade towards the camera. He is wearing a hat. Nearer the camera, there are two boys on a seat on the promenade. There is a road on the left of the footpath, and there is a stone wall on the left hand side of this road. The beach is on the right. There is a man and several children on this beach. The man is wearing a hat. There is a house on the right, and there is a horse and cart outside this house. There is a fence running from this house along the beach towards the sea. There is a steam ship on the sea. There are terraced houses on the left, and, near these houses, there is a group of people looking over a stone wall. There is a phone booth and an electricity pole close to this group.