William Street in Galway
Collection:Father Browne
Description:A photograph of William Street in Galway city. In the foreground, there is a woman with her back to the camera. She is in conversation with a man. The woman is wearing a shawl, and the man is wearing a cap. They are standing near a car, of which, only the back is in the photograph. On the opposite side of the street, there is a man and a woman walking on a footpath. The man is wearing a hat. Two of the shops on this side of the street are visible. One of the shops has the words, "M. O'Brien, Grocer." over its door. It is displaying an advertisement near its door. The word 'Savoy' appears at the top of the advertisement. Further down, the phrase "Cave In" is visible. On the right of this shop, there is a shop with the word "Burke's" over its door. On one of its window, it has an advertisement for "Will's Gold Flake" (a brand of cigarette). On the left window, there is an advertisement for "S. Bruno". I do not know what this product is. The photograph was taken in 1959.