Thatched cottages near Tullycross
Collection:Bord Failte
Description:A photograph of a small village near Tullycross in Galway county. There is a row of thatched cottages behind a low, stone wall. A wooden gate in the wall opens onto a short path up to the front door of each house. There is a wooden seat and two deckchairs outside one house, and a wooden seat outside another. There is a metal rubbish bin just inside the wall of one house, and an identical bin outside the door of another house. There is a car parked in front of another house. There is a footpath on the street in front of the houses, and there are rustic street lights on this footpath. There are cars parked on the street. The registration plate of one car reads, 'PIM 345'. There is a church on the right hand side of the street. It has a bell tower, and there is a religious statue in its grounds. Also on the right, there is a sign attached to one house, and it reads, "Grocer Butcher". There are trees on the right of the picture, and there are mountains in the distance.