William's Gate Street in Galway
Description:A photograph of William's Gate Street in Galway. There are several pedestrians in the picture. Many of the women are wearing long dresses. There is a woman on the left who is barefoot. She is wearing a shawl. She is walking past a step-ladder which is on the pavement. There is a building on the right with the name Dillon over its door. There is a clock on its wall and the phrase 'Dublin Time' is displayed just below the clock. The words "Makers of the Claddagh Ring" also appear on the wall. The phrase "Colonial Buildings" appear on a building at the other side of the street. Higher up on this building, the words "[not visible]Namara & Co." can be seen. There are two carts on the street. One is hitched to a horse. There is a tram beyond this latter cart. The photograph was taken around 1925.