Williamsgate Street
Description:A photograph of Williamsgate Street in Galway. There is a jeweller's shop on the right of this street, and it has the name Dillon over its shop front. There is a clock on the wall of this building. The phrase "Dublin Time" can be discerned beneath this clock, and, above the clock, the phrase "Claddagh Rings" can be seen. Higher up, the symbol of the Claddagh ring is on display. The phrase "Estd. 1750" can be seen just beneath this symbol. There is an electricity pole in front of this shop. On the opposite side of the street, there is a building with the word "Hill's" over its door. An advertisement on its window reads, "Will's Gold Flake". The words "Plain or Cork Tipped" appears on each side of this advertisement. The building at the corner has the phrase "Eglinton Buildings" over its shop front. Above this, and across the street, on the same side, there is a building with the words "[Colonial] Buildings" on its wall. Further up, there is a jeweller's shop advertising Rolex. The name "S. Faller" is over its door. The next shop has a name over its door that looks like 'Orken'. There are cars and bicycles on the street. The registration number of the car nearest the camera is 'NI 4352'. There is a nun crossing the street very near this car. Apart from the nun, there are several men and women in the photograph. On the left of the picture, there is a small dog on the footpath.