Pig market in Galway City
Description:A photograph of a pig market in Eyre Square. The photograph was taken in 1945. There are a large number of horses and carts in the square and there is a large number of men. The word 'Gortatleva' is written on the shaft of one of the carts. The men are wearing caps or hats. There are three trucks in the square. There are two bicycles leaning against the wall of a building with a door which has a fanlight window overhead. To the left of this, there is a building with the name "J. Lenihan" over its door. Next to this is the "Royal Hotel". It has two doors with fanlight windows over each one. It has a large arched doorway with the words "Royal Hotel Garage" written across the two doors. Beside this door, there is a door with "J. T. Costelloe" written overhead. Next to this there is a building with the words "Imperial Hotel" written on its wall.