Eyre Square in Galway
Description:A photograph of Eyre Square in Galway city. There are several cars parked in the square as well as two trucks. There is a small crowd gathered around one man. The crowd includes men, women and children. One man in the crowd is leaning againts a bicycle. Another man is smoking. One of the men in the crowd is wearing a hat. Apart from this crowd, there are several other people in the square. A small minority of men are wearing caps. There are railings around the green, and there is an old doorway, known as Browne's doorway acting as an entrance to the green. Otherwise, there are railings around the green. There is a bay window over the door. The doorway was taken from a medieval house, in Abbeygate street, which once belonged to the Browne family. There are seats on each side of the doorway. There are two men sitting on the seat that is left of the door. This seat is near a bus stop. There are two women and two men sitting on the other seat. This seat is near an electricity pole. There is a street light attached to this pole. There are railings around the green, and there is a hut just inside these railings. The statue of Padraic O'Conaire is just beyond the hut. There are trees in the green, and some of the buildings at one end of the square can be seen. The name "Thomas Walsh" can be seen on one building. The phrase "Select Bar" is on either side of this name. The word "Bailey's" is visible on another building nearby.