Town hall in Tuam
Description:A photograph of the town hall in Tuam. The building has a tower with a clock on each face. There is a square in front of the town hall, and there is a telephone booth, shed, and high celtic cross in this square. "P & T" can be seen at the base of the phone booth. The letters stand for "Posts and Telegraphs"
Copyright:the government department with responsibility for the postal service. There are street signs in the square. According to one sign, Knock (a town in Mayo) is twenty-four miles away, Claremorris (a town in Mayo) is seventeen miles away, and Milltown is eight miles away. There is a truck in the square, and its registration number is 'ZM 2685'. There is a car on its left, and its registration number is 'ID 5154'. The registration number of the first car on the right is 'ZW 1022'. There is a motorbike behind this car. There are several cars in the square, and a small number of bicycles. There are several men, and a small number of women in the picture. Most of the men are wearing hats or caps. There is a sign on the left that reads, "Burke's Select Bar". On the right, there is a shoe shop with the name Fahy over its shop front. The words, "O'Malley Brothers" are over another shop front. There are a few electricity poles in the square.