Letterfrack in Connemara
Collection:Bord Failte
Description:A photograph of Letterfrack in Connemara, a part of Galway county that lies between Lough Corrib and the Atlantic Ocean. In the picture, there is a man and woman walking uphill towards the camera. They are holding hands. There are several houses and trees in the photograph. There is one particulary large house with a long driveway. There is a stone wall on one side of this avenue, and there are horese grazing in a field on the other side. There is a gate, which opens onto a road, at the end of the drive. There is a car parked near this house, and there are two more cars parked on the right of the picture. Beyond these cars, there are sheep grazing in a field. In the distance, an inlet of the sea is visible, beyond which, there is a mountain.