Eyre Square
Description:A photograph of Eyre Square in Galway city. There are several cars parked in front of the green which is in the middle of the square. There is a yellow truck among the cars, and there are two men standing on the back of this truck beside a metal barrel. The barrel may be a barrel of tar. There are a few pedestrians on the street including a boy wearing short trousers. There is a woman cycling a bicyle. She is beside a second woman who is walking. Both women are wearing headscarves. There are railings around the green, and there is an old doorway, known as the Browne's doorway serving as an entrance to the green. There is a bay window over the doorway. The doorway was taken from a medieval house in the city. There is an electricity pole beside the doorway. There is a small hut just inside the railings. There are trees in the green, and some of the buildings around the square can be seen. On the far side of the square the 'Railway Hotel' is visible.