Moylough Village
Description:A photograph of Moylough Village (in Galway county). There are several cars and one van in the picture. The car on the left is a Morris Minor. There is a high wall beside this car. Further on, there are several wooden barrels, and a few boxes outside a public house. There is a shed near this bar. On the right, there is a footpath. Near the camera, there is a wall on the right of this footpath. There is a road sign at the end of the wall indicating the direction to Kilkerrin. The sign is in Irish and in English. There are several bicycles leaning against buildings. At the end of the street, on the right, there is a petrol station advertising Esso petrol. There is one petrol pump visible, in front of this garage. There are electricity poles on each side of the road, and in the distance, there are trees on each side of the road. There are street lights attached to some of these poles.