Shop window in Galway
Collection:Father Browne
Description:A photograph of a shop window in Galway city. There are three young girls looking in the window. All three are wearing coats and hats. Some of the items for sale on the window are; Summit pens; Player's cigarettes; a weekly magazine called "Everybody's"; a weekly newspaper called the Connacht Tribune; Swan Ink; a statue of the child of Prague; Ardee Brooch; Player's cigarettes; rosary beads; candles; and Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes Tickets. The advertisement for the sweepstake tickets reads, "GREATEST OF ALL SWEEPSTAKES. IRISH HOSPITALS' SWEEPSTAKES DERBY. 10/-. CLOSING DATE MAY 14th 1934. DRAW JUNE 4th. RUN AT EPSOM ENGLAND JUNE [unable to read]th". The reflections of three men and a bull can be seen in the glass of the window. One man is wearing a hat, and the other two are wearing caps. The photograph was taken in 1934.