Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe, county Galway. There are several cars parked on both sides of the street. On the left, there is a car with a registration number of 'AI 6565'. Further down the street, there is a van with the letters 'RB' written on each of its two back doors. Its registration number is 'IM 9650'. It looks like a bread van. There is a man in a white coat walking away from it. There is a car stopped on the road. Its registration number is 'IM 7895'. There is a man standing beside this car. He is wearing a hat. There is a man leading a donkey and cart up the street. The cart is full of what looks like turf. The man is wearing a cap. They are in front of a building with railings in front of it. There is a bicycle leaning against these railings. There is a man cycling a bicycle on the street. He is also wearing a cap. There are several men on the streets or on the pavements. Some of them are wearing hats or caps. There is a young girl on the pavement, on the left. She is carrying an empty bag. There is a building on the right with the name 'Bannerton' on its outside wall. It has two petrol pumps in front of it. It is selling a brand of petrol called Caltex. There is a pillar box or mailbox near these petrol pumps. The name on the wall of the building on its right begins with the letters 'Hay'. The building on its left is a shop with the name 'W. [or M] F. Dolan' over its shop front. Further down the street, there are two more petrol pumps. These pumps supply Esso petrol. There is a lorry on the street which has the word 'Esso' written on each of its two back doors. It is parked beside a truck. On the left hand side of the street, there is an advertisement for BP petrol, and there is a sign which reads, "D. Murray Select Bar". There are several electricity poles on the street, and there is a street light attached to one of them.