Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe, county Galway. There are several cars parked on both sides of the street. On the left, there is a car with a registration number of 'AI 6565'. There is a car parked beside it, on the road. Its registration number is 'IM 7895'. There is a man standing next to this car. He is wearing a hat. Further down the street, there is a van with the letters 'RB' written on each of its two back doors. Its registration number is 'IM 9650'. It looks like a bread van. There are two men in white coats standing at the back of it. There is a man leading a donkey and cart up the street. The cart is full of what looks like turf. The man is wearing a cap. There is another man cycling past him. He is also wearing a cap. There are several men on the streets or on the pavements. Some of them are wearing hats or caps. There is a building on the right with the words "Hayden's Hotel" on its wall. There are two seats in front of this hotel. Left of this, there is a building with the name 'Bannerton' on its outside wall. It has two petrol pumps in front of it. It is selling a brand of petrol called Caltex. There is a pillar box or mailbox near the petrol pumps. Next to this, there is a building with railings in front of it. There are shrubs growing behind these railings. Further down the street, there are two more petrol pumps. These pumps supply Esso petrol. There is a lorry on the street which has the word 'Esso' written on each of its two back doors. It is parked beside a truck. On the left hand side of the street, there is an advertisement for BP petrol, and there is a sign which reads, "D. Murray Select Bar". There is a horse and cart at the end of the street, near a shop with the name "Parsons" over its door. There are several electricity poles on the street, and there is a street light attached to one of them.