Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Dunlo Street in Ballinasloe, county Galway. There are several cars parked on both sides of the street. There is a van parked on the left, and the registration number of a car on the right is 'ZH 581'. A man and two teenage boys are cycling bicycles. They are not cycling together. There are a great many bicycles parked on the footpaths. In the foreground, one woman is walking beside her bicycle. She is wearing glasses and a headscarf. There are electricity poles on each side of the street, and there is a light attached to one such pole. On the left, there is a shop which has the name 'M. Kelly' over its door. It is selling Afton cigarettes and Jameson whiskey. Next door, there is a shop with the name 'Killeen' over its door. Next to this shop, there is a shop with the name 'John J. Turley' over its door. This shop sells bicycle tyres. It may also sell bicycles as there is a large number of bicycles parked outside the shop. Next door, the shop has the name 'J. M. Fallon' over its door. The shop below this sells Lyons' tea and "Will's Gold Flake" cigarettes. On the right, there is a shop with the name Connolly over its door. Below this, there is a shop advertising 'cigarettes and tobacco'. There are several men, women and children on the street.