Tullindaly Road in Tuam
Description:A photograph of Tullindaly Road in Tuam (a town in Galway county). There are electricity poles, footpaths and parked cars on each side of the street. The nearest car on the right is a Morris Minor, and its registration number is 'AI 7681'. There are two women in conversation, at a gate near this car. One of the women is wearing a hat. Behind them, there is a man standing on the footpath with his hand on the handle of a car door. On his right, there is a shop displaying an advertisement that reads, "Walnut Plug". There are detached houses on the right, and there are low walls with gates in front of these houses. On the left, there is a high wall, and there is a stadium behind this wall. There is a group of people comprising four men and one young girl, on the footpath that is on the left of the picture.