Hoisting a horse onto or off a boat
Collection:Bord Failte
Description:A photograph of a horse being hoisted into or out of the hold of a ship. A machine is being used to hoist the horse. The boat is docked at a pier on Inis Mór - the largest of the three Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are off the west coast of Ireland. There are several men on the vessel. Some of the men are wearing caps, and one man is wearing sunglasses. There are several metal barrels and plastic crates on the deck of the boat. There is a large wicker basket on one end of the boat. There are men, women and a dog on the pier. One woman is wearing sunglasses and a man is taking a photograph. There are barrels and a wicker basket on this pier. There is a second large boat docked at a second pier. There are houses and a road near this pier. There is a car outside the gate of a house, near this road. There are electricity poles on the island.