High Street in Tuam
Description:A photograph of High Street in Tuam (a town in Galway county). There are buildings, electricity poles and footpaths on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of these poles. There are several cars, including a Volkswagen Beetle, and a few trucks in the picture. The registration number of a car on the left is 'ZM 1145'. The registration number of the truck beyond it is 'IT 3120'. The registration number of a truck on the right is 'LI 5445'. There are a few bicycles leaning against buildings on the left. There is a horse and cart on the right. The words "Convent of Mercy - Tuam - Laundry" are written on its side. The name Keane appears over a shop front on the left. There are bottles of beer on display in the shop window. The shop is advertising "Players Please" and "Gold Flake". Both are brands of cigarette. The name "John [He]ssion" is over the next shop front. The words "General Grocer" are displayed at the base of the building. The shop advertises "Gold Flake" and "Goodall's". Further up the street, there are two more advertisements for cigarettes. One reads, "Craven 'A'", and the other reads "Players Please". There is a shop on the right which sells brooms, and there is a man walking past. The town hall with its tower and clock, is visible in the distance.