Main Street in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Main Street in Ballinasloe. Ballinasloe is in east Galway. In the picture, there is a policeman cycling towards the camera, and another man cycling away from the camera. There are several cars in the photograph. The registration number of a car on the left is 'IM 7861'
Copyright:and the registration number of the car that is nearest the camera is "ZM 2654". This car is on the right. There is a cart parked below this car. There are several bicycles in the photograph. Some are parked at the side of the footpath, and some are leaning against buildings. On the right, there are men and women on the footpath. Some women are wearing hats, and one man is wearing a cap. The first shop on the right is advertising cigarettes. It has a sign which reads, "Get Your Player's Please Here". The next shop is a public house called 'Central Bar'. The name over the shop next door to it is 'P. Clarke'. There is a chemist below this shop. Further down, there is a shop with a sign which reads, "R. Power Turf Accountant". Below this, there is a garage which sells petrol. There are signs for two types of petrol, namely BP and Shell. There is a truck parked in front of this garage. There is a man passing this truck on a donkey and cart. The first shop on the left is, "Kelly's Furniture Stores". According to a sign on its gable wall, it sells carpets, lino, hearth furniture, and prams. A table and chair can be seen through one of its second storey windows. There are a few gates blocking access to this store, and there is a truck, on the street, parked in front of it. The shop below this store advertises St. Bruno Flake (a brand of cigarette). High on its gable wall, the words, "Jennings & Co. Select Bar & [word obscured] Class Grocers". Some distance below this, there is a garage selling Esso (petrol). Further down, there is a large sign with a five pointed star. I believe this is the brand for Caltex petrol. There are several electricity poles on each side of the street.