Irish field clubs landing on Inis Mór
Photographer:Welch, Robert John
Description:A photograph of a large group of people being transported from a steamer by rowboats to Inis Mór island. Inis Mór is the largest of the three Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are off the west coast of Ireland. The caption of the photograph reads, "Irish Field Clubs Landing on Arranmore, I.F.C.U. Excursion, 15.7.95.". In the picture, there are four boats drawn up along side the steam ship. There is one boat landing at the pier with a group of men on board. There are several men and women on the pier. The women are wearing hats and long dresses. The men are wearing hats or caps. One man has a walking stick. Some of the men have beards or moustaches. There is a horse on the pier carrying at least one large wicker basket. There is a stone wall in the foreground. The picture was taken in 1895.