Aran bull being swum out to steamer
Photographer:Stephens, F. E.
Description:A photograph of an Aran bull being swum out to a steamer. The Aran Islands are three islands off the west coast of Ireland. In the picture, the bull is being pulled out to sea by two ropes. One rope is attached to a ring on his nose. The second rope is tied to a harness that goes around the animal's midriff twice. Once near its front legs and once near its back legs. There is a man pushing the animal. There are four men a little closer to the shore. They are up to their knees in water. One of these men is wearing a hat; the other four men are wearing caps. Further out, there is a currach on the water. A currach is a type of rowboat used off the west coast of Ireland. There are three men in this boat.
Subject headings: Aran Islands -Adults -Men -Cattle -Hats -Seas -Boats -Rowboats