Maam Valley
Collection:Bord Failte
Description:A photograph of Maam Valley in Galway county. In the picture, there is a man herding cattle along a narrow road. He is wearing a cap, and there is a dog followign him. There is a stone wall on one side of the road, and a barbed wire fence on the other side. As the road goes up hill it becomes more of a rough track. There is a small cottage on the right of the road, and there is a second dog sitting in front of this dwelling. There are trees and shrubs on each side of the house. There is a gate and a wall on the left of the house. Closer to the road, there is a shed and an electricity pole. There are stone walls on the boundaries of some of the fields. There are calves and sheep grazing in one field. The mountains on each side of the valley are visible.