Statue of Father Tom Burke
Description:A photograph of the statue of Father Tom Burke, a Dominican priest from Galway who was a famous preacher in his time – 1830-1883. The statue was erected in 1948. The road on which it stands is called Fr. Burke Road and is in Galway city near the Claddagh. On the right of the statue, there is a bungalow. There is a wall in front of the house, and there is a hedge behind this wall. There is a man standing in the garden of the house, and he is wearing a hat. On the left of the statue, there are railings which are in front of the River Corrib. There is a man looking into the river. He is leaning against the railings, and he is wearing a cap. On the opposite side of the river, the Spanish Arch can be seen. This is the remains of the medieval city wall. There are women and children on the left of the arch. There are two seats on the river bank, and there are two women sitting on one of these seat. There are electricity poles near the arch, and there are houses on each side of it. On the right of the arch, there is a building with a large door in an arched doorway. The word 'coal' is written on the door. There are electricity cables at the top of the picture.