Mountbellew Village
Description:A photograph of a square in the Galway town of Mountbellew. There are several cars (including a Vokswagen Beetle and a Morris Minor) in the picture. On the left, there is a bridge, and there are walls on each side of the bridge. There are trees on each side of the road beyond the bridge. There is a woman crossing the bridge with a child. She is pushing a bicycle. There is a man crossing the street in front of the bridge, and there is a second man on the right of the bridge. This latter man is wearing a cap. On his right, there is a public house with the name 'Bannerton' over its door. Next to this, there is a cafe. Further right, there is a drapery with the name "Briggs" over its door. The word 'Sale' appears on each of its two windows. Right of this, the name 'Patrick Kelly' appears over a shop front. Further right, the name 'M. Coffery' can be seen over a shop front. This shop is advertising 'Perfect Plug' (tobacco) and 'St. Bruno Flake' (a brand of cigarette). There is a man walking towards the camera and away from this shop. He is wearing a hat. There are several parked bicycles in the picture, and there are several electricity poles.