Main Street in Woodford
Description:A photograph of Main Street in Woodford. There are electricity poles or telegraph poles on the right hand side of the street. On the left, there are barrels on the footpath which are probably being used to collect rain water from the drain pipes. There is a shop on the right with the word "Keary's" over its door. Near this shop, there is a dog lying on the pavement. Below this shop, there is a ruin. A little below this, there is a shop with a sign for 'cycles'. On the left, there is a shop with an advertisement for the "Irish Times" newspaper. There are boards with news items on them, outside this shop. These advertisements cannot be read. There are a number of men and boys in the photograph. Many of them are standing in doorways. One man is wearing a hat. All the others are wearing caps. Beyond the street, there are trees growing at each side of the road.
Copyright:This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland