Shop Street in Galway
Description:A photograph of Shop Street in Galway. Lynch's Castle can be seen on the left. The name 'P. H. Kirwan' appears over the door of Lynch's Castle. Further down, there is a clothes shop. The name 'Kelly' appears over the door of a shop beyond this and the words "Duffy's Tea Warehouse" appear on a shop front further down. On the other side of the street, a clothes shop called "Donnelan's" can be seen. Nearer to the camera, there is a Saddler's shop with 'T. F. Talbot' over its door. On the same side of the street, there is a shoe shop advertising "Tylers shoes and boots". Outside Lynch's Castle, there is an ornate street light. There is a horse and coach. The words "White Rose 1001 Finest American Lamp Oil Pratt's Spirit". There is a street sign pointing to "Pratt's Spirit". There are many pedestrians in the photograph. Most of the men are wearing caps. Many of the women are wearing bonnets. Two women are not wearing anything on their heads. They are wearing shawls., This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland, Adults, Men, Women, Stores and Shops, Shoe Stores, Clothing Stores, Street Lights, Advertising, Streets, Castles and Palaces, Forts and Fortifications, Buildings, Houses, Hats, , , , , , )
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