Street in Gort
Description:A photograph of a street in the Galway town of Gort. There are several cars on the street, and there is a van with the words "Ua Dalaig teo Luimneac" on its side. This is Irish and it means "Daly Ltd. Limerick". (Limerick is a city in Ireland.) The registration number of one of the cars is 'IY 7681'. On the left of the street, there is a horse and trap (a type of carriage), and a cart which is either hitched to a donkey or a horse. There are three women near this cart. One is wearing a hat, and another is wearing a headscarf. There are two women talking on the street. Both have bicycles. On the left, there is a building bearing a sign "Glynn's Hotel". The next shop has a sign on its front wall and on its gable wall which reads "Corner Confectionery". Further up, there is a sign advertising "Players Please", a brand of cigarette. Just beyond this shop, there are two bicycles parked against the side of a building. On the right, there is a garage with two petrol pumps supplying Caltech petrol. The words "Roche's Garage" is over its door. The word "Brady's" is over the next shop front. Near the end of the street, there is a large sign (a five pointed star) for Caltech petrol. Beyond this sign, there is a building with the words "Lally's Royal Hotel". There is a square in front of this hotel, and there is a religious statue in this square. There are low railings around the statue. There are several electricity poles in the picture, and there are street lights attached to those poles on the left-hand side of the street. , , Streets, Buildings, Stores and Shops, Advertising, Automobiles, Automobile Service Stations, Utility Poles, Hotels, Horses, Carts and Wagons, Carriages and Coaches, Devotional Images, Sculpture, Bicycles and Tricycles, Street Lights, Adults, Women, Hats, Cigarettes, )
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