Demolition of the Galway Corporation Housing Depot
Photographer:Galway Corporation
Description:A photograph of the Galway Corporation Housing Depot being demolished in Autumn, 1987, prior to the building of the "Cornstore" development. In the background, the "Halls" is being roofed. The site has boards blocking off part of it. The words "No Parking Private" is written on these boards. There is a car in front of one of the entrances to the site. The words "Western Lifts Ltd." is written on the back and side of the car. Its number plate reads 87 G 1485. There is a car above this with a number plate of 87 D 11939. There are a number of cars parked across from this entrance. Within the site, there is a digger loading rubble onto a truck. There are cars and a small truck parked within the site. Also, there is a white site office. There are electricity poles some of which have street lights attached to them. There are a number of people in the photograph. The photograph was presented by Galway Corporation.