Cross Street in Portumna
Photographer:Molloy, K.
Description:A photograph of Cross Street in the Galway town of Portumna. There are buildings on each side of the street. The building on the left has the words, "The National Bank Ltd." over its door. There are a few cars on the street, and the driver of one of these cars can be seen. He is wearing a cap. There is a bicycle parked near this car. There are several donkeys and carts, in the picture, and there is at least one horse and cart. There are full sacks stacked on this cart. There are people on the footpaths. The features of these people cannot be discerned, but it can be seen that one man is wearing a cap, and one woman is wearing a hat. There are trees growing on the footpath, on the left of the picture, and there are electricity poles on the right hand side of the street. The tops of trees can be seen behind some of the houses.