Survivors of the sinking of the Athenia
Photographer:Kelly, M. F.
Description:A photograph of the survivors of the sinking of the Athenia. The Athenia was a British ship sunk by a German torpedo in 1939 off the coast of Donegal. These survivors were rescued and brought to Galway by a Norwegian cargo ship called the "MS Knute Nelson". This photograph was taken in Galway after the incident and these people expect to sail to their homes in America without further incident. Some are wearing bandages. Their names are Mr. W. Woodbary; Mr. C. O'Connor; Mr. & Mrs. Blair Moffatt; Mrs. Casserly; Miss Wise; Miss Turnbull; Miss Marlin; Mrs. Rice; Mr. & Mrs. Chalmer; Mrs. Tovott; Miss Chalmer; Mr. & Mrs. Bidwell (not in group); Mrs. Little; Miss E. Price; Miss M. Price; Miss P. Price; Mrs. Mallery; Mrs. B. Mallery; Mrs. Scott; Miss B. Stewart; Miss Moor; Miss Sunderland; Miss Holbert; Miss Newman; Miss Hayes; Miss M. Robinson; Miss M. Doggett; Miss A. Francis; and Mrs. J. Ferguler. The photograph was taken by M. F. Kelly, Mount Tabor, Shantalla Road, Galway.