Mobile Library
Collection:Connacht Tribune
Description:A photograph of a new mobile library once owned by Galway County Council. The photograph was taken in 1959. The Irish phrase "Leabharlanna na Gaillimhe" is written on the side of the vehicle. This means "Galway Libraries". Underneath this, the crest of Galway City Council can be seen. Beneath this, the words "Galway County Libraries" are written. There are ten people standing in front of the vehicle. These are, from left to right, Tom Sharkey, Librarian; Name not provided; Liam O'Luanaigh; Tessie Lane; Kathleen Hayes; Name not provided; Canon Glynn; Sean Bohan, County Librarian; Name not provided;Joe Woods, Mechanical Engineer with Galway County Council". Mr. Sharkey is smoking a pipe.